New Blog... Who's This?

New Blog... Who's This?


Back in 2022, I originally started a HashNode blog to share my experiences. It was a fantastic start, a place where I could write, post, and interact with a growing community. However, as time passed, I realized I needed more than just a static text-based platform. I wanted flexibility, interactivity, and a tailor-made experience for my readers and myself. That’s when I turned to Astro.

Why Astro?

Astro is not just another static site generator. It’s a next-generation web development platform that lets you build faster websites with less client-side JavaScript. This means quicker load times and a more efficient browsing experience for users. But the real game-changer for me was Astro’s approach to interactivity.

Interactivity… like, real interactivity.

Unlike traditional blogging platforms, Astro doesn’t force you to choose between a static site and a dynamic, interactive experience. With Astro, you can have the best of both worlds. It allows you to ship zero JavaScript by default and then sprinkle in the interactivity where it’s needed. On my future posts, this will probably be used to demonstrate concepts, or even toy around with little JS-enabled islands of interactivity, like the one just below:

I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far…

Switching to Astro was more than just changing a tool; it was about embracing a philosophy that aligns with the modern web. It’s about giving the power back to developers and the users, ensuring a fast, interactive, and enjoyable experience for everyone. If you’re still on a traditional blogging platform, I highly recommend considering Astro.

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